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Savor delicious chocolates on World Chocolate Day
about 1 year ago

World Chocolate Day is observed each year on July 7th.The main purpose of celebrating this auspicious day is to consume a maximum number of chocolates. It is a common tradition, which was followed in Europe back in the year 1950.

Some of the countries like the United States of America observe 'National Chocolate Day', which falls on October 28th annually.


Origin of chocolates

Chocolates are a sweet delicious treat, which is prepared from Theobroma Cocoa seeds. They are usually roasted and sometimes prepared as a liquid or paste. It also contains cocoa butter, milk as well as sugar. Chocolates have been used widely during the Olmec Civilization. Almost half of the people who belonged to the Mayan and Aztec civilizations prepared chocolate beverages out of chocolates.


Later the chocolates gained immense popularity across various countries such as Europe and America. Some of the major advantages of consuming include bringing down the level of cholesterol and helps in cognitive development. Besides that, it helps in lowering the chances of cardio vascular diseases since it contains antioxidant content.


According to a study conducted by a team of scientists at Harvard Medical School, consuming two cups of hot coffee on a daily basis helps in improvement of an individual's memory power and focus attention. They discovered that the chocolates help in improving the flow of blood to certain parts of the brain cells.


Dark Chocolates helps in regaining the flexibility of the arteries thereby preventing artery clogging. It contains essential minerals such as zinc, potassium, and selenium. A non-nutrient and bioactive compound named Flavonals, which is present in the chocolates, helps in protecting your skin from harmful ultra-violet rays. It also helps in lowering emotional factors such as stress, depression, especially amongst the women.


A team of researchers who hail from Finland discovered that intake of dark chocolates helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases as well as strokes. They have recently conducted a test in a group of men and the results were staggering.

However, regular consumption of chocolates might lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart diseases and hypertension.


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