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Diwali Best Time to Say it All with an Appropriate Gift
about 1 year ago

Festival times are the best times to let bygones be bygones, and say it all with the most appropriate gifts possible! Diwali is one such occasion, wherein the entire atmosphere reverberates with cries of ‘sweets’, ‘new clothes’, ‘firecrackers’ and ‘family gatherings’. It is also the time for exchange of gifts.


Mouth-watering Delicacies

No one really gives much thought to health concerns or health issues during this time. The focus is all on gobbling up as many varieties of sweets as possible, for one may never get this golden chance again! In such a scenario, one may well imagine the joy of a loved one receiving packages of soft and just-melt-in-the-mouth gulab jamuns or rasgullas, diverse types of delicious laddoos, an assortment of scrumptious pedas, sweets containing crunchy cashew nuts as a prime ingredient, and so on! Add to the list, stuff like papdi, barfi, halwa, etc, and even the giver will feel bewilderingly overwhelmed by the choices on display! What should one send across to a loved one?


It is Simply Chocolicious

Age is no bar to the enjoyment of chocolates. If one does not mind straying from the idea of offering traditional Diwali gifts, one may opt for a modern gift like ‘chocolates’. There are many flavors available nowadays, for even manufacturing of chocolates has become a competitive business. Nonetheless, young or old, almost every individual loves to gorge on chocolicious flavors!


To illustrate, suppose, one were to forward two roses (yellow and red), along with an assortment of branded chocolates, to a special person. One would be conveying three messages to the recipient all at once. While the yellow and red flowers represented deep friendship and affection respectively, the edible gifts would represent a reaching out to the child-like spirit of the receiver. Thus, one could experiment with anything, including Cadbury’s, Kit Kat, Ferrero, Rocher, and so on.


Cakes are Cherished

The mere thought of holding a beautifully baked cake with yummy icing on top suffices to get the juices flowing in one’s mouth! One can guess the reaction of the receiver when presented with half-a-kg or one-kg of gooey and chewy, dark-brown chocolate cake or a chocolate truffle cake! A cake stuffed with crushed, toothsome blueberries or strawberries should produce the same reaction. Then again, the giver may go for oh-so-soft butterscotch, luscious vanilla, sweet pineapple, etc, too, supremely confident that the recipient will welcome any kind of cake with cries of joy!


If one were not comfortable forwarding just chocolates, or Diwali sweets, one could include flowery accompaniments in the gift package too. The sight of fragrant and fresh-looking blooms serves to make anyone’s day! The choices include large and small blossoms, such as Gerbera, lilies, roses, Orchids, and carnations. The flowers may be boisterously red, gleaming yellow, softly pink, royally blue, kingly violet or purely white. Whatever the selection, these gifts are both, visually, and emotionally appealing! Who could fail to bless the giver for such thoughtfulness on a happy and harmonious occasion, or fail to cherish the gift forever?

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